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Advanced Email Parser Workstation

Advanced Email Parser makes email processing automatically. Extract data from email and store it to database, create
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10 April 2012

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In today’s world, where manual labor has been almost swallowed up by the rapid advancement in technology, emails hold a lot of significance in our lives. Emails, quite obviously have become much more than being merely a medium for communiqu笠More often than not, they contain valuable information, especially in the case of the working class and corporate. And for someone who receives dozens of emails with tons of information per day, it’s quite a task to extract all those information and organize them in an orderly way. And the fact that such manual extractions can be error-prone, it raises an urgent requirement for a technology that specializes in doing so on behalf of the users. Advanced Email Parser is such a program that uses the email parsing technology and relieves you from this kind of headache.

Upon launch, Advanced Email Parser opens with a nice, attractive interface with all of its major controls located in a toolbar at the top. The window is divided into two columns, the left one features the options- accounts, constructor and logs while the right one contains the details of the mentioned categories. AEP is truly an effective way to parse the data from emails, followed by processing and transferring them to a database or even to external programs, thus saving you the time and labor, and above all, it is 100% accurate. It also allows to create appointment lists, to-do notes, SMS notifications etc. Not only that, you can also create automatic replies with this amazing product. Some of the other key features are - email robots, statistics maintenance, creating back ups of all important messages etc., just to name a few.

With all these features, Advanced Email Parser Workstation 2.1.4 is truly an amazing product that deserves no less than a score of four rating-points for its overall optimum performance and relative ease of use.

Publisher's description

Advanced Email Parser - multifunctional and handy system for email messages processing.
Advanced Email Parser makes email processing more effective, as it enables you to parse data, process and transfer it to databases or other applications automatically.
Advanced Email Parser will save the lot of your time, managing received documents, generating reports, extracting field data from emails and saving them direct to your database without your assistance.
Advanced Email Parser totally excludes human factor. It is impossible to make such a mistake as putting a file into the incorrect server directory or misprinting in the database field.
Using smart auto responders based on calendar activity inform your partners that you do not miss emails from them. Advanced Email Parser can create appointments, tasks, and SMS notifications automatically.
Advanced Email Parser Workstation
Advanced Email Parser Workstation
Version 2.3
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